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Report management and distribution software the way it's supposed to work.

Reveal ™ gives your team the tools they need to succeed.
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All the features you want

Free yourself from your legacy application and use Reveal's modern tools

Simple data extraction

Easily allow your staff to extract data for comparison and validation.

Find it fast

Stop wasting time looking for what you need to get your job done. Get what you need when you need it!

Full analytics

Reveal's Vital Stats module allows you to dive deeply into how users interact with your most valuable content.

Notate your reports

With collaborative notes, you can annotate a report, share it with others to look at a section, and write back and forth in a thread.

Get notified

With Reveal subscriptions, YOU control your notifications so you link directly to the stuff you need to do your job!

Pinpoint security

Who wants to wade through pages they don't need, or shouldn't see? Reveal gives team members only what they need for success.

Powerful yet simple

Simple browser-based interface

Tired of chasing updates to your desktop user-interface? Replace it with Reveal's powerful, user-friendly UI.

Dashboard tools

Reveal will help you get where you need to go to get work done without scrolling through thousands of pages.

Save searches and tables

With the easy to use selector, create searches and tables on the fly, and save them for next time!

"We love Reveal! Everyone is more productive thanks to its powerful features and intuitive interface."
Company Manager
"Reveal's performance upgrades have been amazing, and allowing users to customize their experience is genius!"
Reveal Admin
"I can now quickly select report data and export it to Excel. Where has this been all my life?"