Document Management is about people, not documents.

We’ve been in the document business a long time. A really long time. While it’s true that IT staff often view documents as bits and bytes to be stored, archived, recovered, indexed and searched, (all very important things!), it’s our experience that documents are actually about people.

Think about it. 

Why are documents created?

  • Because someone eventually needs the information or data it contains.

Why do they need it?

  • Because the information is necessary for that person to do their job.

Bad document management is killing productivity

Why is something so obvious and important so difficult to actually do? A McKinsey report indicates that knowledge workers generally spend around 19% or their time searching for and gathering information. (Some survey estimates are even higher!)  In a 40 hour work week, that means more than 7.5 hours a week is spent simply looking for the stuff they need to do their job!

Every year companies spend millions of dollars on content management systems that start off as software but end up being shelfware. Why? Because what was supposed to be easy was, in reality, hard. What looked possible on the training video became a cumbersome, “it’s not really worth it” task when it came down to trying to make the software useful. So well-meaning employees trying to be productive create and (sort of) maintain their own systems, and even those systems make the right information difficult to find. That explains where all the time goes…and it’s costing your company money and a whole lot more.

It follows that if you can make the process of “search and gather” more efficient, giving the knowledge worker “what they need when they need it”, that everyone in the enterprise benefits from the boost in productivity.

Reveal helps fix it!

Our company tag line gives you a pretty clear picture of our mission. When we say, “Simply Work. Enjoy Life.”, we indicate our passion to make life easier for employees interacting with documents. (We also make life easier for administrators!) With intuitive interfaces, page-level security, automated data extraction, fast and focused search and customizable notifications, Reveal addresses these issues by reducing the noise and helping users “win” – producing better work more quickly.

Don’t miss the opportunity to help your staff win! Fill out the form below to get your Reveal demo.

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