Find it quickly and accurately!

The clock was ticking.

Like many parents, I was up against the clock as I prepared dinner for my family.  The night before, we had feasted on grilled pork tenderloin and had enough left to serve an entire second meal; a bonus for a big family.  There was only one problem….


I couldn’t find the leftover pork.  Anywhere. 

I looked everywhere, and it was gone.   Something like leftover meat should be easy to find, especially since it had been only 24 hours since it was stored.  (Our refrigerators are NOT overcrowded!)  My wife would know where she’d stored it, but with her unavailable, I was out of luck.

Welcome to the world of content in most organizations.  You KNOW the information you need for your next presentation, report or business meeting is somewhere….you just can’t find it.  Accenture did a study of middle managers, and 59% say they “miss information that might be valuable to their jobs almost every day because it exists somewhere else in the company and they just can not find it.”  As the clock ticks forward, your internal temperature rises.  There is a better way…

Reveal’s new update is meant to change this. Our desire is to develop strategies and implement tools that help you find, store and secure your content so it is findable and usable.  Believe me, your organization, like my household, will be a much happier place when what you need is at your fingertips!

So, where was the pork?  In the refrigerator….in a bread bag, naturally.

It probably wouldn’t take you long to write out your own ‘I can’t find it’ story.  We all have them.  Struggling to find leftovers can be frustrating, but the implications for business can be far more damaging.  Scouring repositories, user drives, shared drives and cloud storage for important content can reduce employee productivity, cause security nightmares, hinder collaboration, and produce credibility problems in compliance cases.

At OPIN, we’d love to help you strategically organize your business more effectively than we organize our leftovers! Let’s talk!

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