Page Level Security

You’ve probably heard the story.

Every year “Mom” makes a special dinner for her family by preparing a ham supper with all the “fixin’s”. Her kids love it, and as they grow older they seek to create the same tradition with their own families. One day, one daughter calls up another and asks, “You remember when Mom cooked that ham? SHamhe used to cut off the ends and it was sooooo good. How much of the ends did she cut off?”

The other daughter starts laughing. “Mom didn’t cut off the ends of the ham for flavor, she cut off the ends because the pan was too small!”

Are we asking the right questions?

Just like the women in the story, sometimes in business we don’t ask the right questions and we end up doing things a certain way because we’ve always done it that way. Or perhaps because we didn’t know there was another way!

At OPIN, our Consulting and Professional Services team has the opportunity to engage regularly with our customers. We love it! Through these interactions we gain valuable insights into how companies use Reveal to solve their business problems, and we’re able to share those “best practices” with other customers. We’re always looking for “another way” because seeing our Reveal family thrive is why we’re in business!

Why have 1 report when 15 will do?

In interacting with both our current and prospective customers, one of the most familiar refrains we hear goes something like this: “We have 15 different business units that require essentially the same report, but we don’t want each business unit to see information from the others they are not entitled to, so we build 15 separate reports.” Sound familiar? From there we are regaled with stories of how difficult it is to make wholesale changes to reports, and how their document repositories are littered with countless versions of the same reports. Messy? You bet.

If this is your current state, you’ll be happy to know you don’t need to stay there. With Reveal’s Pinpoint™ Security page level security is no longer unattainable. If you have different departments, business units or roles, you can set up Reveal to give people only those pages to which they are entitled. Instead of creating multiple reports for multiple teams, you can create just one report and use Pinpoint™ Security to give them the perfect virtual view.

On a recent on site visit, we had a prospective customer who outlined this scenario down to the last detail. This particular company had acquired 15 different companies over the years, and though they all used the same source ERP and report format, they created the same report 15 times in order to enforce security concerns. When we did a demo of Pinpoint™ Security one of their guys looked straight at me with some level of incredulity and asked, “You mean we can create just one report and set up page level security based on the business unit??” “Yep”, I said. He looked both relieved and a little annoyed that their current system didn’t work like that.

We’d love to help!

We really enjoy solving problems for our customers! If you identify with the examples outlined above we’d love to connect and learn more about you and how we might serve your business needs. Use the contact form on this page and we’ll get back to you right away!

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