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How to ease the transition from manual to automatic document distribution

Congratulations! You’ve done it—you’ve decided to automate the distribution of important enterprise documents and reports. Now you’re ready to start the transition from old to new. Report distribution is about to become smoother, cheaper, more auditable, and more efficient. To … Read More

Improving document distribution: 8 reasons to consider a secure portal

Most people still use email and mail to distribute important documents and reports—despite the inherent flaws in these delivery methods. When asked how they collaborate with clients or privileged third parties, practicing attorneys confirmed this. Despite the risks and difficulties involved … Read More

2 inefficient ways you’re delivering documents and reports

Reports contain information vital to your business processes. Employees reading the reports will find some of the most pivotal information related to their jobs in them. But, often, the way you distribute these reports creates barriers that prevent people from … Read More

4 questions to ask when you secure electronic protected health information (ePHI)

It’s inevitable: you need to view and share patient information to do your job. Whether you handle invoicing, billing, follow-up, or something else, patient security and satisfaction should be your top priority. But what do you do to protect patient privacy … Read More

How long-term archiving can help your retention policies succeed

Every company in every industry has to retain content From companies publicly traded in the United States to private small businesses, everyone needs to retain certain content on a long-term basis. This content can range from important emails to contracts … Read More

Could an ERM solution help your business maximize reports?

ERM = enterprise report management Let’s get this out of the way now: the ERM we’re talking about is enterprise report management. Not enterprise risk management. Not electronic records management. Not enterprise resource management. And definitely not the British space … Read More

Is manual entry or automatic data extraction more reliable?

All growing companies come to a point when their manual entry processes just can’t keep up. With data increasing at unprecedented rates, security measures are often too difficult to enforce. It’s a very common problem, and recently, we worked with a company who needed to … Read More

Page Level Security

You’ve probably heard the story. Every year “Mom” makes a special dinner for her family by preparing a ham supper with all the “fixin’s”. Her kids love it, and as they grow older they seek to create the same tradition … Read More

Internal Security Threats

I love movies. I love the drama, the conflict, and the resolution. I love movies that are sappy. I love epic tales and stories that include some form of redemption. I love romance, courage and sacrifice. I love it all…. … Read More

How to Implement Content Based Security Rules

“Should I grant access to this report containing sensitive data?. . .” The employee needs some of the data, but other parts are above their clearance level. What would you do? Restricting access to report content is normal in most … Read More

3 Strategies to Secure Report Content with User Groups

With vast numbers of insiders accessing sensitive report data, you need an easy, consistent, and controlled process for managing permissions. While it’s theoretically possible to manually assign and update access permissions individually for each system, user, document or group, it is obviously costly and … Read More

Leading Change Management

42 years is a long time. The organization I was leading had been using the same basic recipe for success since the 60’s. It had been phenomenally fruitful, and though there had been varying degrees of success in the ensuing years, … Read More