Document Management is about people, not documents.

We’ve been in the document business a long time. A really long time. While it’s true that IT staff often view documents as bits and bytes to be stored, archived, recovered, indexed and searched, (all very important things!), it’s our experience that … Read More

Find it quickly and accurately!

The clock was ticking. Like many parents, I was up against the clock as I prepared dinner for my family.  The night before, we had feasted on grilled pork tenderloin and had enough left to serve an entire second meal; … Read More

Information Governance and Migration

I started dabbling with personal computers in the mid 80’s . I had worked with terminals on a mainframe, but the idea of having my own machine with storage was amazing to me. I started with an Atari 520ST…an amazing … Read More

Migrating documents? Plan with the long view in mind.

When I was 8 years old, my parents decided it was time for me to take piano lessons. I grew up in a musical family, and they recognized that I probably had enough talent to make it worth the investment. … Read More

The OPIN Way – How We Do Things

Years ago my wife and I lived in Southern California, and we loved it.  We were enamored with the mountains, the ocean and, of course, the weather. It was a wonderful place to spend our first few years of marriage.  As newlyweds, … Read More

Stakeholders, Content Management and Paint

My wife loves to paint. No, our house isn’t filled with paintings of fresh bowls of fruit or peaceful landscapes. She doesn’t paint canvas. My wife paints walls. She likes to surround herself with color. Colors that make her feel … Read More

Tell the Story – With Stories!

My wife and I first moved to Indiana in early spring, one of the most beautiful seasons in the Hoosier State. After a few weeks of cold and rain, our neighborhood was awash in the rich greens of lush grass and … Read More

Is Legacy Mainframe Modernization Right For Your Company?

I was 23 years old before I saw my first computer. At first glance, the machine was quite intimidating. My trainer explained all the cryptic commands I needed to learn, how a single mistake could erase hours of work, and … Read More

Organize Your Key Content – Like Cleaning Your Garage!

I love a clean, organized garage. That being said, I seem to be incapable of keeping it clean. With bikes, cars, tools, storage, shelving and all manner of miscellaneous stuff needing a home, the garage becomes the inevitable repository. The result is … Read More

How to resolve PII & PHI issues when you distribute reports

When you’re reviewing important reports, keeping the information in them 100 percent secure might not be at the top of your list. That’s not to say client or patient privacy isn’t important to you. Of course it is. But on a … Read More

How to improve the security of your report management solutions

When was the last time someone misplaced an important report at work? How about the last time someone saw something they shouldn’t have? #DataBreach fact: the average #office loses 1 out of every 20 paper documents — Shred … Read More

8 security threats lurking in your document distribution processes

Has your computer ever been hacked? Several years ago, my home desktop was wiped by malware. A pop-up said something ridiculous about how I was in trouble with the Feds for illegal activity. It said I should call a 1-800 … Read More